Welcome to COMA!

This year’s COMA Annual Meeting will be held at the Morris Learning Center and the Learning Lab of the Michigan History Center, at 10am, April 13, 2024.

A Zoom link will be provided at the top of the 2024 agenda via email, and also will be included in the follow-up reminder email.

THE CONFERENCE ON MICHIGAN ARCHAEOLOGY (COMA) is an organization of professional archaeologists who actively pursue or have conducted archaeological research in Michigan. COMA is the oldest and largest body of professional archaeologists in Michigan and is comprised of archaeologists who work for colleges and universities, state and federal agencies, and private companies.


  • President: John Chenowith, Ph.D.
  • Vice President: Dan Lauterbur
  • Treasurer: Mike Hambacher, Ph.D.
  • Secretary: Jessica Yann, Ph.D.


  • Jon Carroll, Ph.D.
  • Bob Chidester, Ph.D.
  • Dan Goatley
  • Kelly Hagenmaier
  • Dan Lauterbur
  • Duane Quates, Ph.D.